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The innovative system, called the milonizer, is a biometric recognition system that determines the user’s body dimensions automatically in a number of seconds. The milonizer sends the measured values to the milon CARE software and the universal milon ‘brain’ takes care of the rest.

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milon Life is ...

Life is ...

This is the story about milon - why we do what we do and what we care about - as a company and as an industry market leader, as a partner for our customers and their trainers. In the end for every single human being who trains on milon.

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The milon Strength-Endurance-Circuit


The milon Strength-Endurance Circuit is THE heart of the milon training principle. Only 17.5 minutes - one round of the circuit – gives you balanced total body training that cannot be surpassed for simplicity, safety, and effectiveness. read more »


Our References

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  • Bodylife Aussteller
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